Best in show (song of the week)

Think of BEST IN SHOW as a kibble-sized version of radioUNLEASHED. Each week, we’ll search the kennel high and low and the select one sonic purebred to highlight here. It might be a yummy new tune, approved an under-appreciated old bone or an old dog‘s guilty pleasure.

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This Week’s Best in Show

September 18th 2017 – September 24th 2017 – Curtis Harding – Wednesday Morning Atonement

This week’s Best In Show finds us trolling trip hop waters with “Wednesday Morning Atonement” by Curtis Harding. Curtis has worked a wide range of projects in the past including Cee-Lo Green, and punk rockers, Black Lips. “Wednesday Morning Atonement” can be found on his upcoming second album, Face Your Fear, available at the end of October on Anti Records. For more information visit

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