Best in Show

Lana Del Rey – Norman effing Rockwell

Lana Del Rey is back with a new album! Lead track, “Norman F*&%! Rockwell” is our choice for this week’s Best In Show. For more info visit

Michael Kiwanuka – You Ain’t The Problem

It begins by sounding like Curtis Mayfield playing an Isley Brothers tune, and just gets better from there. “You Ain’t the Problem” is this this week’s Best In Show. It’s from the third album by Michael Kiwanuka, simply titled Kiwanuka. Here in the US, most folks will know him from the theme song to the HBO series, Big Little Lies. His new album will be available October 25. For more information visit

Some Sprouts – Someone You Love

We unleash some indie pop magic with this week’s Best In Show. “Someone You Love” is the latest offering from Germany’s Some Sprouts. For more information visit

Raphael Saadiq – So Ready

Mr. Raphael Saadiq has a new album and we’re all over it! This week’s Best In Show, “So Ready“, is from the recently released Jimmy Lee. Turn it up! For more info visit

Caamp – Peach Fuzz

This week our Best In Show is “Peach Fuzz” by CAAMP. The band came to life in Athens, Ohio and began as a project between childhood friends Taylor Meier and Evan Westfall, who met at a summer camp in middle school. Their second album, By and By is on Mom+Pop Records and these guys represent the new face of folk music…For more info visit
Fuzz now!

Wilder Woods – Supply & Demand

We’re staying the summertime groove with our Best In Show selections. This week it’s “Supply & Demand” by self-described “connoisseur of intention on the winding road to ruin”, Wilder Woods. The song can be found on the very recently released self-titled album, courtesy of Atlantic Records. For more information visit

Toro y Moi – Ordinary Pleasure

Although its entitled “Ordinary Pleasure,” this week’s Best In Show is extraordinarily groovy. We always have time for Toro y Moi here at radio UNLEASHED. The song can be found TYM’s latest album, Outer Peace, available now on Carpark Records. For more info visit

P.P. Arnold – Baby Blue

We’re happy to present P.P. Arnold‘s “Baby Blue” as this week’s Best In Show! Meticulously produced by Ocean Colour Scene’s Steve Cradock, the immediately classic sounding recording is included on The New Adventures of P.P. Arnold, her first album in 51 years! The album will be released on August 9. For more info please visit

Harvest Ministers – Summer’s Here Again

In keeping with the season, this week’s Best In Show is from Dublin’s own Harvest Ministers! The latest single from the long running nom de plume of songwriter Will Merriman, “Summer’s Here Again” is (as he says) “…best enjoyed from the comfort of a rocking chair wearing a Kinks’ t-shirt or similar.” For more info please visit

Japanese Breakfast – Head Over Heels

We’re keeping things cool around here with this week’s Best In Show. It’s Japanese Breakfast with a beautiful version of “Head Over Heels” by Tears For Fears. For more information visit