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Ever expanding, always growing, we have garnered wonderful sponsors for our radio show and have the support of some of the best Hudson Valley and national businesses. We ask that you support those that support us. Click the logo to the website.


Our radio audience is a unique niche group of Hudson Valley radio listeners, similar to that of NPR. Consisting mostly of adults, ages 25-65, typical radio UNLEASHED listeners are college-educated, homeowners, car owners, and people who put a high value on culture and entertainment. We like to think of our fans as “investors” in music — extremely young at heart, actively seeking new and interesting music. Moreover, they are wonderfully loyal, locally based and associate smart music with smart brands.

When you sponsor radio UNLEASHED, you can be confident that your message will reach listeners who possess an unusually high retention; there’s no need to bombard them — they get it the first time. Additionally, they respond best to simple, intelligent radio advertisements. We’re more than happy to help you craft your radio ad in a way that would most successfully target your audience.


Based on the unconventional wisdom of early free-form FM, Radio UNLEASHED is a hand crafted weekly radio show, nationally heralded for its ardent presentation of eclectic, grown-up music. Broadcasting from the Hudson Valley of New York, radio UNLEASHED has built up a loyal following that has grown into a national audience that trusts both our musical taste, our programming and our selective radio advertisements.

To receive more information about sponsorship and advertising with radio UNLEASHED, call 845.853.8912, email info@radiounleashed.com.